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treasures of jennifer - wooden bow and arrow

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wooden bow and 3 arrows

imaginative fun for archers of all ages, this bow and arrow is easy to use, safe to shoot, and exciting to play with! Arrows are tipped with soft wool balls and have painted stripes on the ends. Each has a notch to fit onto the bow string and a hole in the bow itself helps guide the arrow for even the youngest shooter to be successful. 

Suggested age is 2 years +

poplar and solid hardwood bow 

wool ball tipped arrows *vary in colours

jennifer and jo protect the wood with a durable lacquer finish


made in the country side of buffalo, missouri.


3 arrows included

arrow colors vary between red, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, orange and purple.

maple hardwood

colours seen are the natural beauty of the trees themselves shining through


12 inches

how to play
natural resources creating a world of opportunuties for imaginative exploration. 

learning resource for acuracy, balance, spacial awareness, safety, imagintive play and more.