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dark walnut wooden sling shot

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wooden slingshot with 5 woolen balls

These safe and simple-to-use hardwood slingshots are great toys for children young and old. Each slingshot is crafted from solid maple wood and includes five wool felt balls. The long lasting elastic paracord and real leather sling work perfectly with the felt balls, giving your child the fantastic opportunity to practice hand/eye coordination. 

poplar and solid hardwood bow 

wool ball tipped arrows

jennifer and jo protect the wood with a durable lacquer finish


made in the country side of buffalo, missouri.

5 wollen balls included
colors vary between red, yellow, green, blue, and orange.

dark walnut hardwood
colours seen are the natural beauty of the trees themselves shining through

long lasting elastic paracord 

real leather sling


sling shot: 6 inches

woolen balls: 1 inch

how to play
natural resources creating a world of opportunuties for imaginative exploration. 

learning resource for acuracy, balance, spacial awareness, safety, imagintive play and more.

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