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raduga grëz — new fruits

raduga grëz — new fruits

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playing is a rehearsal of life. It is very important to surround children with everything natural and beautiful, and to teach them good habits.

wooden fruits look great in a children’s room. they make contact with nature and develop good eating habits. 

play creatively – use a coconut as a bowl, build a fruit tower, roll a lime down any inclined surface, put a pomelo on top of your head and walk several steps. fruits are fun!



solid wood
water-based eco-friendly paint

made in russia

the toy is carved and painted by hand in a small family workshop in russia.

smallest piece (feijoa) 5x4 cm 
biggest piece (coconut) 5x9 cm

how to play
draw fruits from life

build a tower from fruits and vegetables

guess the fruit by asking yes-no questions: «is it round?» – «no.», «is it sweet?» – «no.», «does daddy like to put it in a tea?» – «yes!», «is it a lemon?» – «yes!».

hide the fruits all over the room, give children small baskets and ask them to collect the harvest

think of what fruit reminds you of your mom/dad/brother/sister/granny/favourite book character, and why?


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